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Magnetic Rods

Extremely efficient at removing ferrous and paramagnetic contamination down to sub micron in size from free flowing products like powders & liquids.

Magnetic Grate/Hopper Magnet

Very versatile and can be utilized in most powder and liquid applications for the removal of ferrous and paramagnetic metal contamination.

Magnetic Liquid Filter

Designed to operate in pressurized transfer lines to provide protection against ferrous and paramagnetic contamination. 

Disc, Ring, Block Magnets

Utilizing high grade magnetic material. Available in many sizes and strengths.

Gauss Meters

Suitable for checking residual magnetic field, classifying various magnets or magnetic assemblies, testing audio speaker magnets, etc.

Magnet Testing and Validation

BRADS offers this service to both new and existing customers, providing full documentation which can be used together with existing HACCP & GMP procedures. 

Brads Lodestone Philippines Corporation


From its humble beginnings since its formal incorporation on the 20th of August 2014, Brads Lodestone Philippines Corporation (BRADS) is at present one of the most well-known and leading suppliers of Magnets, Magnetic Components, Magnetic Separators, Magnetic Systems, Gauss Meters, various Electronic Meters and service provider for Magnet Testing & Validation in the Philippines. Our years of extensive experience and comprehensive expertise in magnets and other related products used in the Food, Beverage, Plastics, Electronics, Semiconductors, Fruit/Vegetable Processing, Flour, Chemicals, Milk, Dairy, Activated Carbon, Mining, Canning, Construction, Pharmaceutical and Automotive Industries (etc.) only proves that the company is built on a strong foundation and shall continue to grow for many years to come. 


The trust and support given to us by our growing clientele have kept BRADS going.         


In our objective to remain relevant and competitive in the industry, we are constantly improving our quality and services by investing on talented & skilled individuals and continuous research & development to keep up with the modern technologies and standards in manufacturing around the world. We are geared towards developing this business as one of the most efficient, trusted and highly innovative company in the industry. 

At BRADS, we always commit in providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions that place our end users and their consumers at top priority.



Our Vision


"A modernized company aiming to be the most trusted brand and one-stop shop for Magnets, Magnetic Components, Magnetic Separators, Magnet Testing & Validation and other related products and services in the Philippines."


Our Mission

BRADS’ mission is to bring cooperation with our industry partners towards implementing efficient solutions to ensure superior product quality is maintained.
Our expertise in metal separation, magnet testing or validation as well as several trading products guarantees success in different aspects of various production processes. 
 At BRADS, we commit in providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that place our end users and their consumers at top priority.




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